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Everybody loves puppies but before you decide to purchase a puppy, please do your research.  Belgians are intelligent, energetic dogs.  They require exercise and an owner that is dedicated to training them.  You should plan on taking your puppy to a positive puppy obedience class.  You never know, you might get hooked on it and decide to continue on in obedience or want to do agility, herding or tracking.  The choices are pretty much endless with a Belgian Malinois or Belgian Sheepdog! 

Belgians are a relatively healthy breed but hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia does exist.  To reduce the chance that your puppy has any of these problems, look for parents that have their hips and their elbows OFA'd (check OFA's website at  www.offa.org) and their eyes CERF'd (check CERF's website at www.vmdb.org/cerf.html). 

Our puppies are raised in our home, with lots of interaction with children and other dogs.  When they are old enough, they are introduced to our livestock.  Our pups go to their new homes well on their way to being housebroken.  Belgian mothers' adore their babies and they teach them a lot of lessons on how to interact with each other and how to respect the adult dogs.  Our puppies never leave home until they are at least 8 weeks old because they need this time to spend with their littermates and mother.

We always welcome visitors to our farm in NE Oklahoma to meet our dogs and see how our puppies are raised.  We try to match our puppies carefully with the best homes for their individual temperaments.  All our puppies are vet checked before they leave home, have their first vaccination and are microchipped.  We sell all our pet puppies on a limited AKC registration and with a spay/neuter contract.  We have a detailed questionnaire that we ask all potential puppy buyers to fill out.  I am a member of the American Belgian Malinois club and part of the Breeder Referral list and adhere to their Breeder Code of Ethics. 


For more information, please contact me by email at alouettemalinois@gmail.com