Adopted Dogs







We have been doing Malinois and Belgian Sheepdog rescue for more than 10 years now.  I thought I should start a page for the dogs that we have fostered and loved until they went to their forever homes.  We are very behind on this page, I should have started it when we got our first foster dog but better late than never.  If you adopted a rescue dog from me and see this page, please send me a picture of your dog and let me know how you are doing!  Thanks!


1 year old female was found in a shelter in Tulsa, OK. 


Sara, 9 month old spayed female was found in a shelter in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


Izzy, a 2 year old spayed female, was found in a shelter with her mix breed puppies in TX. 

She was adopted by Terry Davis of Choteau, OK.   January 2011


Maggie Mae

Maggie was found in a shelter west of Oklahoma City.  Terri Wilson fostered her until we could meet up and get her to my house.  We called her Stella but her new foster mom and dad changed her name to Maggie Mae.  Maggie was a sweetie that loved to play with Dory and adored being petted.  Her new mom and dad are Ron and Kathy Jenkins of Inola, OK


Sabena la Coquette Sauvage, CGC, HIC, TT, AX, AXJ

Sabena was rescued here in Oklahoma and was such a talkative girl that I was happy to put her on a plane to CT to live with Frank and Hedy Barton.  It was match made in heaven and Sabena now has an impressive list of accomplishments.   Sadly Sabena passed away a few years ago.


Owned and loved by Manuel& Kristina Gonzalez.  Spartan was dropped off at a vet clinic to be euthanized!  His only crime was that his owner said that she couldn't keep him in a crate.  Luckily she took him to a kind hearted vet that said he couldn't kill such a nice young boy.  The vet's groomer called me and asked if I could take him.  I said, YES!  Spartan is such a nice dog and now he lives in SD where he is being spoiled and treated in a manner that he deserved all along.

Nero - ILP'd as "Alouette's Luck of the Draw NAP".  Owned and loved by Cathy Almeida.  I rescued Nero in central Oklahoma along with his 3 younger littermates who were living in a small pen out in the country.  They had very little human contact and were scared to death but trying hard to trust humans.  Nero has blossomed under Cathy's care! And now has his first official AKC title!  NAP (Novice Agility Preferred)!


Darby is Nero's younger sister.  She stayed with us for a few months before she found a wonderful home in Nebraska with Cathy Glesmann and her family.  Darby lives with Ben, one of our M litter puppies.